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At sometime in your career, it will be time to document all that you have done. Creating a picture that portrays your achievements, successes and future capabilities.
You could have previously floated your company, managed multiple workforce’s, undertaken projects, mergers, brought new products to market or been involved with new technologies. All the skills you have developed over the years, coupled with your contacts and relationships mean you have real commercial value to the right employer or target company.

Aligning yourself with the right CV writer who understand the challenges you have faced, the complexities of your sector and how to translate that into a compelling business case is a task few can handle.

Our Executive CV Writing service is managed by Ross Roberts. Over a 25 year period Ross has added significant value to the shareholders of individuals and their companies by completing on high value acquisitions and disposals, in and outside of the public domain. He created a revolutionary approach to Headhunting, sourcing international management teams that could be ‘dropped’ into and strengthen ‘board’ structures.

It’s this expertise, gained across all sectors, that enables Ross to understand exactly what the end user (selection committee, prospective employer) needs to see in your CV and how it needs to be said.

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