Reverse Headhunting – Unique To Headhunters International Discover the power of Reverse Headhunting and join the 83% of our candidates who successfully break into the unadvertised job market.

Reverse Headhunting – Revolutionise Your Career

Reverse Headhunting – Unique To Headhunters International

Discover the power of Reverse Headhunting and join the 83% of our candidates who successfully break into the unadvertised job market. It’s no secret that the most lucrative career opportunities rarely see the light of day, hidden behind the closed doors of the business world. Busy professionals, understandably, have little time to sift through countless job listings or network inefficiently. This is where our services in Reverse Headhunting, a method pioneered by Ross Roberts, can catapult your career to new heights.

Reverse Headhunting – Upgrade Your Career

We’ve successfully recruited executives across various sectors, from blue-chip corporations and consultancies to leaders in manufacturing, FMCG markets, technology companies, and burgeoning start-ups. Our approach integrates sophisticated strategies often seen in high-value mergers and acquisitions, adapting these methods to deliver excellence in career placement.

The Reverse Headhunting Difference – Created by an Industry Pioneer

The brainchild of Ross Roberts, Reverse Headhunting is grounded in years of experience in high-stakes, strategic mergers and acquisitions. This approach marries the intricate facets of complex M&A activities with the finesse required in the headhunting sector.

Comprehensive Services

Our Reverse Headhunting package is an all-inclusive service tailored to meet your specific career objectives. Here’s what you can expect:

Confidential Career Memorandums: A highly discreet and personalised document detailing your career trajectory, skills, and future ambitions.

Interview Training and Coaching: Equip yourself with the necessary skills to excel in interviews through our in-depth training and coaching sessions.

Target Selection: Strategic identification of unadvertised roles within companies and sectors that align with your career goals.

Discreet Approaches to the Unadvertised Market: Your profile is confidentially introduced to decision-makers, ensuring your privacy while opening doors to hidden opportunities.

Securing First Stage Offers: We manage initial discussions and negotiations, setting the stage for a successful placement.

Offer Negotiation: Expert negotiation strategies to ensure you receive a competitive and favourable package.

Onboarding: Seamless transition into your new role, with sustained support to guarantee your success.

Why Choose Reverse Headhunting?
Expert Guidance

Navigating the hidden job market requires a unique set of skills, precisely what our Reverse Headhunting service provides. We empower you to move beyond conventional methods, uncovering opportunities you’d likely never find on your own.

Complete Confidentiality

Our approach safeguards your professional reputation, offering a discreet avenue for career advancement without alerting current employers or colleagues.

Time Efficiency

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best—being a leader in your field.

Ready for a Career-defining Move?

Whether you are an established executive or an emerging leader, our Reverse Headhunting service can redefine your professional journey. Discover a unique, revolutionary, and proven method to secure your next career milestone. Contact us now and let’s initiate a conversation about your future.


Reverse Headhunting is not just another recruitment service; it’s a comprehensive career advancement strategy.

Developed by Ross Roberts, this proven methodology leverages techniques from the complex world of mergers and acquisitions to offer a sophisticated approach to headhunting.

From Confidential Career Memorandums to effective offer negotiations, our all-inclusive package is designed to meet your specific career objectives discreetly and efficiently.

Unlock access to the unadvertised market and elevate your career to new heights—contact us today.