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Over a third of UK workers are put off from applying for new jobs because they don’t understand what skills they need for the role.

New research from recruitment giant Michael Page also discovered that almost half (46%) of workers don’t know which of their skills to show off in job applications.

Nicholas Kirk, UK Managing Director, Michael Page explained that employers – potentially aided by recruiters – could be doing more to stop jobseekers feeling confused.

He said: “It’s clear businesses could be doing more to clarify the skills required for a role.

“Employers are potentially missing out on talent as a result of unclear job listings and must ensure they’re hiring in the most efficient way by listing the specific skills needed for each role.”

According to the US-founded recruitment firm, confusion about what skills are needed has caused a lack of confidence amongst jobseekers.

A third don’t think they would stand out at interview whilst over four in ten leave an interview worried about how they performed.

John Lees, a career strategist and author of How to Get a Job You Love, added Michael Page’s research shows candidates need guiding to understand their own potential.

He said: “These findings demonstrate the need for candidates to not only understand which skills they currently possess, but also be able to do two things: match these skills to the needs of organisations, and talk confidently about them at interview.”


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