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If you were going for an interview at a big City law firm, it is unlikely you would turn up wearing sandals, swimming trunks and a tee shirt. Likewise, if you were going for an interview to be a Lifesaver for the RNLI, it may come across as slightly odd if you turned up for your interview in a pinstriped suit and bowler hat. If it’s important to tailor your approach to interviews, it is equally important when it comes to your CV.

It is a common mistake to rely on just one generic version of your CV for every application. How much the CV needs changing depends very much on your circumstances. A professional looking to further their career within a similar role and industry may need to tweak the CV for different applications. If you are a graduate or changing career, then you will need to refocus completely the information in your CV to demonstrate the right skills and qualities for different career paths.

Recruiters are often time strung and under pressure. It is therefore up to you the job seeker to make sure the information in your CV immediately connects. The first thing the recruiter wants to see is that your CV is relevant to the role applied for, this is where a Professional Profile comes into its own as this acts as your introduction and enables you to clearly position yourself in line with the job you are applying for.


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